Business and Life is a game. Money, happiness and experiences just keep the score. Over the 25 years of being an entrepreneur I have learned a lot. Many of the lessons I have had in life and business are from massive success and even bigger failures. I pride myself on telling it like it it with a no B.S. approach to life and business.

Mark Lyford

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The Get Real Podcast talks about, business, being an entrepreneur, life and much more. It’s real and it’s no B.S. A very different business and life focuses podcast from the norm. Listened to by hundreds of people each month.

The Blockenomics Podcast features the latest news, information, interviews and thoughts on the crypto, Defi, blockchain and Web3 markets and business. Mark Lyford has been involved in crypto for 10+ years and is passionate about how crypto will change the world as we know it. 

My big passion outside of business is the sport of racing pigeons. As a boy I first started keeping these amazing birds and now run the successful RPI podcast.



A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

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"Learn from him! Remember that who you are makes a difference, and what held you back in the past is no excuse for creating the future that you deserve."

NIGEL RISNER  //  Author of The Impact Code

The strategies Mark teaches are very simple but incredibly effective.

"With a knack for making money against the odds, Mark shares information in an easy to understand way - anyone can follow! He really wants to make it easy for anyone to replicate his success. He has a refreshingly down to earth approach, unusual online."

PETE CRAIG  //  Co Founder - Funded City

Mark is a 100% straight shooter.

"Tells it like it is and goes out of his way to put other people first including his business partners and most importantly, his customers. He has great knowledge of marketing and is someone you can do business with, with total peace of mind. If you're looking to be successful online and build your business faster, then look no further."

SIMON HODGKINSON  //  Hodgkinson Publishing

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