Below you will see all of my businesses, products and websites I run. I'm always looking for new opportunities so if you want to do business or have any ideas of things we can work together on be sure to contact me here



BitBanx.com offers a full  brokerage service for people wanting to buy Crypto Currencies. We offer a personal service and clients can purchase over different cryptos from us with a simple and quick service.


Blockenomics.com is a premier membership service offering daily crypto analysis of the latest prices and trends. Our community is designed to help people success and profit from crypto currencies.

Entrepreneur Action


EntrepreneurAction.com is all about Real People, Real Business and Real Success. The life of an entrepreneur can involve struggles and many challenges. We are here to help. Our membership community offers the latest online information to entrepreneurs worldwide who want to grow and profit from their businesses. 



BitTrust.co.uk is my Bitcoin brokerage site working with LocalBitcoins.com platform. You can buy Bitcoins from various BitTrust brokers at competitive rates.


BanxMint.com offers collectors physical metal coins to store Bitcoins and other crypto currencies on. These highly collectable coins are sought after and only have limited amounts available. 


LyfordLive.com is my public speaking business If you want to book Mark to speak this is the place to go.



RealEntrepreneur.com is my blog which features daily updates designed to help all entrepreneurs. I regularly post Facebook live video and videos on a variety of business and life related topics.


BlockenomicsSummit.com provides workshops and seminars around the UK and worldwide educating people about Bitcoin and crypto currencies. Our free workshops provide new users with all the information they need to start. Our ticket only seminars are for intense learning of more in depth crypto education.


BitCaps.com is our state of the art real time crypto currency price and information site. Unlike other sites our prices update in real time and cover over 100 of the top crypto currencies in the market.


DigitalMoneyTimes.com provides real time news information from the leading crypto sites around the world. We update news 24/7. This is a one stop shop for all the latest Bitcoin and crypto news.


Rebel Entrepreneur Book

My first book. An open and honest book about my life and business. People read this and learn from my mistakes as well as my successes. You can order your copy here.

Blockenomics Book

My crypto book taking you on the entire journey of crypto currencies. You will learn everything you need to know about crypto currencies from this book. You can order your copy here.

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